Sunday, February 24, 2013

Test 4: (javascript) 2013/02/24


Minima IV - Colour Menu on Top

This application works best with HTML5-ready browsers (on pre-HTML5 browsers, the diamond shaped 'Base' icons will appear as an '&' - instead of the diamond shape).

Above is one cell of a baseball scorecard called an 'At-Bat box'.

Click on one of the diamond shaped 'base icons' at the corners of the beige coloured 'infield icon' - in order to reveal it's 'colour menu' - on the right side of the At-Bat box.

Now click on any colour box in the menu to create a coloured scoring icon along one side of the infield. Click on any other base icon to change the menu to the one which controls scoring colouration for that side of the infield.

The At-Bat box also has 5 text-writing areas. In four quadrants of the at-Bat box (south-east (1st Base), north-east (2nd Base), north west(3rd Base), and south-west(Home Plate)) - there are scrolling text-writing areas. Click in any of the four quadrants to reveal the cursor prompt. By pressing Enter on your keyboard, add 5 lines before a scroll tab opens (you may add as much text, and as many lines as you wish).

The fifth text-writing area is the Notepad. To reveal the Notepad click on the 'Notes' button at the centre/bottom of the box. Add as much text and as many lines as you like. To hide the notepad, just click on the 'Notes' button again.

All elements are 'titled' - hover over any icon to reveal a pop-up explanation box.

Valid HTML 4.01 Strict

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